noun, often attributive | red el·e·phant | /ˈred/ /ˈeləfənt/

1. Red elephant is a person who stands up to the elephant in the room.

2. Red elephant is conscious of the footprint they are leaving on the environment as well as the community around them.


We are a mother-daughter team who have a generational legacy of tea loving. We are wildly passionate about tea and we strive to make each experience you have with tea as beautiful and delicious as possible.

We are focused on cultivating a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable tea community and industry. It is our hope that by seeing the process your tea goes through to get to you, and by supporting the companies that are doing the right thing, more tea companies will be more transparent about their practices, creating a positive impact on all of our communities.

We are a platform for novice to experienced tea drinkers alike―we are here for all who are curious about tea and the tea experience and lifestyle. We hope to encourage all tea drinkers through our own personal tea journey, and engage with tea junkies on their personal explorations around the world.


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When most novice tea drinkers begin exploring the wonderful world of tea, it’s natural to become awestruck by the many varieties, as well as, by the vast tea companies and products. What’s more…if you are not careful, you will spend a ton on tea during the first few months of discovery. As a more experienced tea drinker, not only can you overspend on tea, but your pursuit of the highest quality tea blends and products tends to become elevated. It’s easy to become increasingly frustrated with each purchase that is not 100% meeting your fancy.

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